Lighting Up FPA

Your brand is a story unfolding, causing a ripple-like effect as it grows. It is not just a product or service, but an experience to your customers that could ensure success if you do it right. For some, the importance of branding is underrated; but essential. Spotting this gap and potential in the market, our founders curated Dranding Consulting – Branding that Delivers. We’ve delivered excellence and ensured customer satisfaction to 100% of our clients over the last 3 years.

Our co-founder, Katya Cordeiro challenged the status quo, broke the glass ceiling, and is paving the path for young women in the Marketing industry. Read about her story of how she came about to be one of the 12 first-generation entrepreneurs in Goa. Read about the inspiration behind Dranding and her message to aspiring women entrepreneurs, in this article that was featured by Viva Goa.

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