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Reviving Goa Tourism’s Iconic River Cruises

'Cruise Jaana Hai'


The Goa Tourism promoted ‘Goa Boat Cruises’ having a legendary fleet of cruises including Santa Monica, Paradise Cruises & more had lost their novelty as a must-do activity in Goa and had been seeing a consistent drop in footfalls YOY over 3 years. The evening cruise industry had seen a lot of new entrants & the unorganised nature of this market led to a significant drop in the market-share.

1. Research &  Audit
2. Brand Strategy
3. Renaming & Rebranding
4. Enhancing a New Non-Cruise Experience
5. Pricing & Product Enhancement
6. Sales Channel Creation
7. Tech & Digital
8. Communication
9. Social Media Management
>To identify the challenges faced by Boat Cruises, we conducted a 3-month audit and research study. Having identified multiple issues, we zeroed in on the major challenges that had to be tackled, and implemented solutions to overcome the same.
> We started with a complete brand overhaul – a new characteristic name and look; revisited the product offering and enhanced it with currently unutilized resources.
> We made ‘wait time’ a ‘fun time’ and turned the product into an experience; we took it from a ‘Boat Cruise’ to the ‘River Carnival’, where visitors could enjoy the state’s biggest festival all-year round.
> We revamped the pricing structure, agent commissioning program and introduced relevant promotional offers.
> Introduced technology to enable digital bookings and faster check-in of guests
> Created distribution networks with over 1500 new agents that would promote the brand.
> Visibility of the brand was increased in high density areas of the target audience and across social media platforms with relevant and engaging content. 
> We introduced a new sales team along-with new processes and systems for operational efficiency. 
> We commissioned the development of an ecommerce website to be a profit centre catering to a wide-spread customer.


> A first time increase in revenue in the recent past with an average of 10% in less than
6 months (YOY).


> 1500+ New agents & partners registered in under 6 months.

Brand Renaming

Our study revealed that the previous brand name ‘Goa Boat Cruises’ was too generic & customers associated other competition cruises with the name as well. To ensure a clear brand name we rechristened the brand as ‘Boat Cruises De Goa’

It was time to rebrand or perish


Aakash Madgavkar,
Partner, Boat Cruises De Goa

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