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Action Change

Leap Ahead.

Do you face these


As you aim to create something bigger than yourself, you face challenges along the way. It can feel like you’ve hit a hard wall, leaving you puzzled and unable to move forward. You question what is holding you back from getting back on track.

I have to discount to sell

My conversion rate is poor

I keep losing business to competition

I have a shortage of leads

I can’t get the right hires

The Solution

Business Leap

Unleash the full potential of your business with our intensive three-month journey. We partner with growth-oriented business owners like you to meticulously craft every element of your business, paving the way for remarkable success. Unleash Your Business’s Potential in 5 Transformative Steps

Clients that have

transformed with us

Checkered Background Dranding Consulting

Business Leap (BL) makes it

easy for you to

Find your secret sauce

Together we will unlock why people should buy from you, that’s 90% of the job done

Build a strong foundation

we guarantee a solid foundation to support your long-term growth endeavours, ensuring sustainable success

Strategize, Design & Develop in one place

We do it all for you, we not only create your strategic roadmap but design & develop your business's assets

Navigate Uncertainty

Navigate uncertainty effortlessly, weathering storms like pandemics and recessions, thanks to your established trust, loyal customer base, and clear strategic direction.

Action change & create results

Experience the power of action-driven change and tangible results with our program. We pick your brain and thereafter build everything for you, ensuring a seamless transformation.
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Propel your business to new heights.

Harnessing the synergy of a Business Coach, Consultant, and a Creative Agency combined.


1) Discover

2) Define


3) Design

4) Develop


5) Deliver

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Confidently take your business to the next level.

The Business Leap opens doors to a proven, cutting-edge framework that transforms businesses into powerful brands. This program is your pathway to implementing this transformation, regardless of your stage in the entrepreneurial journey.

Find out if this is for you.

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