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Revolutionizing Healthcare through India's Teleconsultation Platform for

Ayush and Homeopathy Medicine



Backed by a team of experts and medical professionals from the Indian healthcare industry, H-Cura was founded in 2021 with the purpose of giving millions of Indians access to effective and reliable homeopathy treatment at their fingertips. With the H-Cura app, patients can save travel time and money while consulting online anytime and anywhere. The app enables patients to connect with some of India’s trusted and leading homeopathic doctors.


In a market already flourishing with established health apps, H-Cura faced the challenge of differentiating itself as a specialized healthcare solution provider and educating its audience about the benefits of online consultations, including saving time and money.


Having partnered with H-Cura, our focus was on creating widespread awareness, providing educational resources, and implementing strategic promotional campaigns to effectively communicate the unique benefits and value proposition of H-Cura.

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