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The Cool Cat in Town is Here to #Pinch you with

Fun and Flavour!

Pinch Bistro and Bar packs a punch with its unique flavors, relaxed ambiance, and cool quotient. In a city boasting numerous dining options and pubs, Pinch sets itself apart with its refreshing take on the whole casual dining and party experience. It is ideal for get-togethers, live screenings, game nights, and all kinds of parties. Pinch is the place you’d want to be to slow down time amidst the chaos of the city.


Pinch Bistro & Bar

Dranding Consulting and Pinch partnered to create a captivating experience that ignites a multitude of emotions and senses. From a visually stimulating experience to immersive sounds, and flavoursome aromas to a welcoming ambiance, our goal was to showcase Pinch as the go-to destination for those seeking a unique and enjoyable dining out experience in the city


In a city filled with countless dining options and pubs, Pinch needed to set itself apart with its refreshing approach to casual dining and party experiences. Our aim was to deliver a concept that resonated with the phrase - ‘The coolest cat in town’, allowing guests to slow down, unwind and escape the chaos of the city.


From conceptualization to interior planning, development, and strategic execution, Dranding Consulting successfully launched the Pinch brand. Pinch Bistro and Bar, with its expertly crafted menu, exotic cocktails, live music and inviting ambiance, embodies a focus on quality, authenticity, and a laid-back, fun vibe that sets it apart from others.