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How a manufacturing company achieved a

revenue increase of more than 100% through brand transformation


Shree Industry

Established in 1977, Shree Industry is a manufacturer of defect-free sheet metal press parts, sub-assemblies, product assemblies and moulding parts for the electrical and automobile industries. With over 40+ Years of Experience, they have 3 fully equipped manufacturing and assembly set ups located across the manufacturing hubs of India.


Engineering is a highly competitive industry. Rebranding Shree insdustries was an opportunity to differentiate from competitors. Identifying and articulating unique selling points and a distinctive brand positioning, as the company needs to stand out while still being relevant and credible within the industry.


Dranding Consulting successfully implemented a robust marketing strategy that not only generated the right leads but also facilitated remarkable visibility and growth for FPA. Through a comprehensive range of the services (mentioned below), Dranding Consulting provided an all-encompassing solution that propelled FPA's business forward.


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