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Revolutionizing Education for the Future

GIM Logo: Dranding gives GIM a brand refresh
the client

Goa Institute of Management

Dranding Consulting partnered with GIM to drive brand success and increase admissions in a highly cluttered and saturated private education space. GIM needed a unique approach to stand out from the competition.

The Challenge

Differentiation was crucial to attract prospective students and increase admissions. The institute needed a strategy that would set them apart and effectively engage their target audience.


Dranding Consulting implemented a strong marketing strategy over the past four years, ensuring that GIM stood out, attracted the right leads, and experienced significant growth. The following services were provided as part of the solution

Admissions Growth During COVID

When CAT registrations were at their lowest since 2016 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GIM defied the trend and experienced a 10+% increase in admissions. This performance was the highest in the decade, demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategy during challenging times.

Highest Admissions Applications in History

Recently, GIM achieved the highest-ever number of admissions applications in its 27-year history. This milestone showcased the impact of Dranding Consulting's comprehensive approach in attracting a larger pool of prospective students. Through a combination of brand, creative, and marketing strategies, Dranding Consulting successfully positioned GIM as a standout institution in the competitive private education space. The content-first approach, coupled with campaign management and lead generation efforts, contributed to the significant growth and increased admissions for GIM.

Creative Branding: GIM Print Ad displaying the GIM advantage
Visual Identity Design: GIM Campaign Banners displaying GIM as the best choice
Creative Visual Identity Branding: GIM Ad displaying preparing for a bright future