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HOW TO drive Passion into Empowerment – Meet Dr. Deepti Rosario Pinto

We had the honor of interviewing Dr. Deepti Rosario Pinto, a remarkable woman who wears many hats – a dedicated mother, a passionate doctor, and a captivating TedX speaker. With a thriving social media following, she’s on a mission to empower women worldwide by breaking taboos and creating a safe space for those “uncomfortable” questions.

Our thought-provoking conversation with Dr. Wombastic reaffirmed that a successful brand isn’t just about logos and colors; it’s about creating a unique and authentic identity. Dr. Deepti took her family’s legacy of bridging the gap in women’s health and transformed it into a global inspiration. Her unwavering passion drove her to educate her growing followers while practicing medicine and building a thriving business.

Before diving into entrepreneurship and branding, ask yourself the crucial “Why’s”:

🤔 Why am I building this?

🤔 Why am I committed for the long term?

🤔 Why am I helping these people?

🤔 Why am I so driven towards this?

Dr. Deepti made it a point to question her purpose and transparently educate every mother and parent. But remember, success isn’t just about business; it’s also about self-care and family. A healthy you is vital for a successful business.

For young professionals, Dr. Deepti’s advice is golden: gain clarity before choosing your career path and seek practical experience through shadowing and mentorship.

In this podcast, Dr. Deepti addresses crucial “How-to” questions for women:

💼 How to balance work and life effectively?

📚 How to educate children about menstruation and sex?

🚫 How to actively break the taboos surrounding women’s health?

Don’t miss this insightful podcast! Dr. Deepti shares her journey and the birth of “Dr. Wombastic.” Click the link in the comments to watch now! 🎙️

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